Drupal Workshop @ IIT-M - A happy mail from the mailing list

Call for participation :

Free Software Foundation, Tamil Nadu will be conducting a half a day technical session on Introduction to Drupal" the famous Content Management System which is rocking the web world with its simplicity and technical superiority. The session will demonstrate how a website can be created in minutes and improvised with just mouse clicks.

Timing: 9 am to 12 noon
Date: 26th February 2012
Place: Computer Science Department, CS-24, IIT Madras.

A happy mail from the mailing list

A session on Drupal, the Content Management System that is the buzz word of the web application development community was conducted by
Mr.Srujan Kumar, FSFTN volunteer on Sunday,Feb 26th

As the participants were greater in number than expected , with only a minority having laptops with GNU/Linux, it was decided that today's session would be a theoretical one.Srujan took us through the concepts of Drupal and demonstrated installation and customization of the same. What I initially thought would turn out to be a dry , never-ending class turned out to be an interactive and extremely useful experience.
Enthusiastic participation from the students and the teacher made the session informative and interesting .The participation of people from different areas such as a visiting professor, people from the industry and students made it possible to raise a variety of questions and exchange information at different levels. After the 3-hour duration I realized that it was one of the few theory-oriented session which was lively till the last.

People readily agreed to attend the the practical session which is scheduled for the next Sunday.Thus we would vouch that it was a well-utilized Sunday morning.

Call for Participation mail :

Mail courtesy : Anupama