Free workshop on Python @ CEG - Event report

As part of CEG GNU/LUG, a free workshop on Python was organized in CS dept,College of Engineering,Guindy (Anna University) by FSFTN members on 17th March , 2012.

The session had 40 people from CEG and most of them were second years mostly from the Dept of CS and IT.

The session began at 11.00 am.The first session was about "FOSS philosophy".Mr.Yashwant.K took this session and made the people aware about
GNU,Free and Open Source Movement.The session went off very lively thanks to the colourful slides with lots of info.Most of them who attended were
not at all aware of Free Software Movement and the need of the same.This session created an awareness which would definitely encourage the people to use and contribute to FOSS community.And most of the want Yashwant's copyleft presentation and it would be great if he could mail the same.And one of friend has tweeted just now that he is going to adopt GNU Linux.I am sure there are more people who i don't who might have got influenced with this workshop.

The second session began at 1.00 after lunch.This session was about "Python" handled by Mr.Sunit Sivasankaran. The session was started from the scratch as most of them were only boxed into C,C++,Java.He covered more possible topics within the given time.Since the session was an hands on in the lab,it went off quite well among the people.Finally after covering some basics,Sunit went on to show an implementation of Python with regards to XML and DOM.

Feed Back :

After the session was over,most of the people wanted to learn more about
Python and some even wanted to have similar workshop like this(I am not
sure if it would be feasible ;) )

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