Freedom Bootcamp 2015

The following invitation is prepared by Mugunthan, a free software activist at FSFTN.

As a part of our FTW(FSFTN Tech Weekends) initiative, we are organising a Hackathon/Bootcamp on the the 15th of august for college students and general public .

Well, Independence day is just a co-incidence!

In this one day event, we will be having 3 parallel tracks running at the same time:

Ruby On Rails, Blender and Wikipedia.

The participants in each track would collaborate with each other and Brain-Storm together to Hack on a real-time project, which will, of course be a Free Software.

Each of the 3 tracks would be assigned with one or more mentors from that respective fields/communities, who would guide them through and beyond the Hackathon.


  1. Ruby On Rails: Intermediate level knowledge about Rails framework.Basic level knowledge about git and github.(VCS) basics of postgresql.
  1. Blender: Basic Knowledge on working with Blender. Love for art <3 and Patience (This is must!)
  1. Wikipedia: No technical prerequisites.Just need to have/create a Wikipedia account.

NOTE: Participants must have a GNU/LINUX based OS in their laptops.


Office, No.36 (old #24)
Thanikachalam Road,
Flat No. 2, First Floor, B Block, SilverparkApartments,
T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017.

Location Map:


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NOTE: The Number of seats for this event is very limited. OpenStreetMap is the free wiki world map.


As part of FTW meetup, this hackathon/bootcamp is organized for college students and general public. In this one day event, we had three parallel tracks on Ruby on Rails, Wikipedia and Blender simultaneously.

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