FSFTN Relief Work - Update 1

December 5-7

Updates of our relief work so far have been kind of sketchy due to network issues. Now, that things have settled on that front, we hope to maintain a regular log. This is the update for the past few days.

Organised relief work began on December 5. In the days prior, FSFTN activists were involved in food supply activities to inundated areas near our office in T. Nagar on Thomas Road and Alaiamman Kovil Street.

December 5

Volunteers of FSFTN and Knowledge Professionals Forum (KPF) organised food for Velachery, one of the most badly affected areas. We bought 150 kg of rice and pulses and vegetables and also participated in the food distribution.

December 6

Food distribution continued in Velachery. We bought another 150 kg of rice and more pulses and vegetables for the food kitchen in Velachery.

FSFTN volunteers also distributed milk tetrapacks, diapers, sanitary Pads, ORS sachets, clothes for children, bread packets, candles and match boxes in areas of North Chennai including Basin Bridge and Manali. This material was collected by our fellow free software and IT activists from Free Software Movement of Karnataka and IT/ES Employees Centre in Karnataka.

Volunteers also were involved in segregating and packing the relief material received.

December 7

The morning began with a fresh consignment of relief material from our friends in Bangalore. Volunteers began work as early as 7 a.m. packing and sorting material.

One group of FSFTN and KPF activists went to Saidapet to help with a health camp in collaboration with other groups. Nearly 350 people were given a check-up at the camp. FSFTN also supplied medicines for the camp.

Another group of volunteers went with relief material to M.G.R Nagar in Virugambakkam, an area that has been very tough to access due to stagnant water and sewage. On realising that the area has been almost completely cut off from relief work, packs for each household are being prepared that will be distributed door-to-door on December 8.

Contributions have poured in from our sister organizations, FSMK,Swecha among others. Individual contributions too have been overwhelming.

We, and the people who we could reach, stand humbled by the support extended. In the coming days we aim to reach to more affected areas and reach many people and also focus on long-term measures that will help restore some semblance of normalcy to the life of the thousands of affected in the city.