FSFTN Relief Work - Update 2

December 8

December 8 was a very hectic day for volunteers with work starting early.

  1. In the morning, volunteers went to collect relief material sent by FSMK and ITEC. The material included women's underwear, nighties, underskirts, lungis, sarees and dresses for children. We are in the process of packing them in individual kits so that they can be distributed in a targeted manner.

  2. Parallely, a team of volunteers began work at 7 a.m. in Soolaipallam (M.G.R Nagar), making kits containing sanitary napkins, diapers, biscuits, bread packets, bed sheets, toothpaste, soaps and slippers. A total of 110 such kits were made. Later, these kits were distributed to affected residents on the banks of the Adyar. This is a severely affected area and as vehicle-based distribution was difficult, volunteers went door-to-door. Distribution of such kits will continue on December 9 also.

  3. Later in the evening, volunteers went to check another site for distribution of relief material - the river bank area in Ramapuram & Maduravoyal. There, we identified Annai Sathya Nagar as a spot for distribution on December 9.

  4. Based on our experience in distribution, we realized that, giving bed sheets alone would be of little help as the floor is constantly wet. Hence we are buying tarpaulin sheets on which bed sheets can be used.

Our relief work is now transitioning from immediate relief material such as food to survival essentials. In the next stage, we would be focusing on cleaning and more long-term essentials such as education material including notebooks, geometry box, pens, etc.

With many offices resuming work, volunteer-based activity will suffer a slowdown in the next few days. The need of the hour is more volunteers who can reach out to those have not received relief yet.

If you are free or know people who are free and are willing to volunteer, please contact us at 044 - 43504670 or [email protected].