GNU/Linux Users Groups

The GNU/Linux Users Group (GLUG) are the essential place for Knowledge  sharing activities for Colleges and Regions co-ordinated by FSFTN. FSFTN  has both Regional and College GLUGs. The GLUGs operate at various  levels and is guided by the Core Committee Members of FSFTN. The functionalities and structure of GLUG are as follows,

  • Each GLUG will have a Representative who will co-ordinate the GLUG and take care of the activities of the GLUG
  • The College GLUG consists of only the College Students and a Staff Representative
  • The College GLUG organises activities and events inside the College  and will aim to bring people involving them in Community Contributions,  Projects, etc.
  • The Regional GLUG consists of members from the locality and gets involved in Knowledge Sharing sessions and bring in new people from various colleges in and around the region
  • GLUGs are the main point of contact for FOSS related activities and events in the locality
  • Each College and Regional will plan for Software Freedom Day (SFD), Education Freedom Day (EFD) and many such activities in a year.
  • GLUG members will represent their GLUG in the Summer Camp organised by FSFTN every year.

List of GLUGs Affiliated to FSFTN

FSFTN has both College and Regional GLUGs

  • Puduvai GLUG (Puducherry)
  • SJIT GLUG (St. Joseph's Institute of Technology)
  • JIT GLUG (Jeppiar Institute of Technology)
  • IFET GLUG (IFET College of Engineering)
  • UCEV GLUG (University College of Engineering, Viluppuram)
  • JCE GLUG (Jerusalem College of Engineering)
  • Karai GLUG (Karikudi)
  • Salem GLUG (Salem)
  • Paavai GLUG (Paavai Engineering College)
  • FIST, Trichy (Trichy)