Rails Workshop At Loyola ICAM

Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu conducted a 2-day workshop at Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology on February 23 and 24 2015. Over 80 students from LICET and other engineering colleges participated in the event. The topics covered were:

  1. Free software philosophy.
  2. Linux Terminal and Git Basics.
  3. Basics of Ruby
  4. How to build a basic "BLOG-APP"

After the philosophy session, participants were given an introduction into using Git and the terminal. Then came some basics of Ruby with some exercises. The participants finished with pushing their ruby files into GitHub.

On day 2, after a session of Rails theory, students were given the task of building a blog app on rails.

Issues such as role of women in technology were also discussed.

Sibi, Raj Anand and Aravind Gopalakrishnan from FSFTN and Survesh, Syed Moinundeed, Vijay Chandar from SJIT GLUG and Anand Raj from RMKCET were part of the resource team

FSFTN would like to thank the management of LICET and Dr. Nirmala for creating an excellent environment for the workshop and the student organisers and participants for their enthusiasm.

Photos available [here](Find Link and Add)
Videos feedback from the participants are available [here](Find link and add)