India defends Net Neutrality. We have Won!

Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu welcomes the decision of TRAI on regulatory pricing. This is a victory for the thousands who raised their voices and raised people's awareness on the issue of net neutrality - those who protested on the streets, made awareness videos, wrote notes, designed memes and posters and cartoons, participated in consultations, took part in online and offline debates or just shared entertaining and informative appeals and information online.

It is once again worth remembering that the campaign launched by Facebook to get support for Free Basics was unprecedented in scope and expenditure! Two elements were responsible for countering this publicity campaign. One was a broad coalition of activists, entrepreneurs, media and regular internet users who stood up for their rights. The other was a open and receptive process initiated by TRAI that took into account the concerns of various stakeholders.

In the last many months, we have seen rising awareness and more debates on issues relating to internet freedom and technology and society in general. It is vital that these debates continue and intensify so that a just and equitable eco-system be created where all can benefit from the manifold possibilities this medium can offer. Many other vital questions in this domain are likely to come up in the future and the coalition that has worked on this issue needs to be expanded and deepened to address them.

To summarise, yayy! :)