FSFTN Workshop at National Engineering College (2010)

FSFTN conducted a Workshop for College students, at National Engineering College, Kovilpatti on 6th and 7th August 2010. Workshop was attended by
125 students from 7 Engineering Colleges.

Students were given Sessions on Ideology of Free Software by Sibi, Core Member of Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu (FSFTN). Students were enthusiastic and asked many  were new to this ideology. Session was interactive and raised many
valuable questions.

This was followed by Session on SQL by Shanu, which also went well. Welkin explained students on how they can contribute to FOSS Projects through Coding, Testing and Documentation.

Students from Different Colleges were given time to debate the importance spreading FOSS among the college students as well as other communities.

Students left the workshop with a lot of new information on Free Software Technologies.

Thanks to all the NEC students lead by Chidambaresan who volunteered for Organizing the Program.